Man Who Called for Killing of Muslims Is Linked to Bajrang Dal, BJP; Father Wants Him to Surrender

On August 8, violent anti-Muslim slogans were raised at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Uttam Updhayay is one of the men who can be seen shouting these slogans in the video. He has not returned home since then. Delhi police say they have not been able to identify anyone in the video, but I spotted Uttam and tracked down his family. His father told me that Uttam holds a post in BJP Yuva Morcha and wanted him to surrender to the police. This story was shortlisted in the Crime Category for the RedInk Award 2022.

Agnipath: 'While Modiji Was Celebrating His Mother's Birthday, Our Mothers Were at Home Weeping'

The announcement of the Indian Government’s Agnipath military recruitment scheme has triggered widespread violent protests across the country. The scheme plans to demobilise 75% of the recruited troops after four years without a pension, sparking concerns over the demobilised Agniveers’ employability.

I spoke to army aspirants in Burari, Delhi, about why they are disappointed with the Agnipath scheme. Additionally, I interviewed senior journalist Rahul Bedi, who explains why the government’s plan to recruit Agniveers doesn’t inspire trust. This story was shortlisted under the Politics category for the RedInk Award 2023.

Coronavirus India Update : Rajasthan का Jaisalmer शहर कैसे 'बीमार' हो गया? (BBC Hindi)

Jaisalmer, a city in Rajasthan whose economy relies heavily on tourism, faced severe hardship during India’s COVID-19 lockdown. Residents struggled to meet basic needs, yet their plight was largely overlooked by the government. I travelled to Jaisalmer to speak with locals and document their stories of resilience and survival. This story was shortlisted for RedInk Award 2021 in Business category.